Remarketing is one of the most useful and cost-effective methods of digital advertising.

Quite simply it involves using cookies to track visitors to your site and show them your adverts when they browse other sites.

You’ve probably noticed targeted ads from websites you’ve recently visited following you around the internet.

It’s a great way to keep your brand in the minds of your potential customers even after they’ve left your site.

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The Benefits of Remarketing Ads

Purchasing these days is often a long process where customers will shop around on different sites before coming back later to make the purchase.

Showing your product or service to a potential customer after they’ve left your site helps bring customers back when they’re ready to make their purchase and give you an edge over your competition.

At A to B we know remarketing has to be done right, over aggressive remarketing can be annoying so we tend to limit the amount of times we show your ad to each person per day. Of course this can be tailored to your own preferences.

Remarketing audiences allow us to target customers who have only visited certain pages on your site with ultra specific ads. We can even show individual products to customers to remind them of what they were looking at on your site.

Remarketing can be done via Google AdWords which will show visitors adverts across the internet. Or remarketing can be done via social media, showing visitors adverts when they browse facebook, instagram or twitter.

The best thing about remarketing is that it costs very little to run. Clicks are cheap and quite often the effect is subconscious – you’ll find people drawn back to your site without thinking simply because they’ve been seeing your ads in the background all day.

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