PPC: Pay Per Click Advertising

PPC Advertising gets quality traffic to your site fast.

Pay Per Click Advertising is undoubtedly the best method for getting traffic to your website quickly and in high numbers. The downside? You have to pay for it!

Paying for your traffic means you have to be very careful, it can get expensive very fast and can be a waste of money if your ads aren’t optimised correctly.

Running PPC ads has become almost essential these days with nearly all successful online business investing in Google AdWords. There’s a reason that the majority of Google’s $110.8 billion revenue in 2017 was from their AdWords platform.

A to B Digital Marketing are experts in utilising Pay Per Click Advertising to get the best return for your spend.

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Our PPC Management services include:

Search Advertising

Search Advertising is the standard format of Google AdWords where you pay for text based adverts that appear at the top of Google search results. We optimise the keywords you advertise on, the locations you advertise in and how much you bid for each click. Tactics such as adding negative keywords and adjusting bids for different types of traffic can save you hundreds of pounds at the click of a button.

Shopping Adverts

Shopping Adverts are a little more complicated to set up than the simple text ads but are the best converting type of advert for e-commerce businesses. They require a feed of your products to be pulled from your website and uploaded into a Google Merchant Centre account. This feed needs to be optimised and the bids for your products managed carefully. If done right, shopping adverts can bring huge returns on investment with lower click costs and high conversion rates.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising involves creating banner images which show on other sites across the web, not Google itself. You probably see hundreds of these a day and they can be great for brand awareness at low cost. Display adverts are often most effective when used as remarketing campaigns. Remarketing means targeting people that have already visited your site with banner ads on other sites after they have left. This is an extremely useful tool to attract back browsers who didn’t complete the checkout process or to encourage repeat business.

Bing Ads

With all the focus on Google, it’s easy to forget that there are other Pay Per Click Advertising platforms out there like Bing Ads. According to the Bing Network Market Share Report┬áthe search engine now has 25% of the market share in the UK and is growing all the time. Bing Ads are not be underestimated and when utilised properly the lower search volume can be compensated by cheaper clicks and a high conversion rate.

A to B Digital Marketing have mastered all aspects of Pay Per Click Advertising. We’re so confident that we can offer improvements that we offer a free review of your AdWords or Bing Ads account.

More often than not we can save you more money than you’ll spend on our fees just by getting rid of your wasted ad spend. Want to spend less and get more out of your ads? Get in touch with A to B for your free review today!

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