SEO: Search Engine Optimisation

Every website should be created and managed with SEO in mind.

Search Engine Optimisation is no longer about manipulating Google to rank your site like it was 10 years ago.

Google want to show the best results for each searcher’s query so for your website to rank you need to provide the best answer to that query.

Modern SEO is about improving the quality of your website for the user, if you have a great site then Google will find it and show it – as long as you follow their best practices.

Our philosophy is that Search Engine Optimisation is about optimising for your visitors rather than trying to optimise for Google.

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Business owners usually fall into one of two categories when it comes to SEO:

1.) You don’t have enough time to allocate to working on your website and performing optimisations.

Solution: Use our SEO Management to free up your time to focus on running your business and allow us to manage your site for you.

For those that want to have their site optimised to appear high on Google but just don’t have the time – we offer SEO Management allowing us to take full control of your Search Engine Optimisation and Start driving quality traffic to your site.

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2.) You struggle to keep up with the ever-changing algorithms and just don’t know where to allocate your time.

Solution: Use our SEO Consultancy to give you the tools and knowledge to complete your own SEO Optimisations.

For those eager to learn but struggling to get to grips with SEO or just needing a little help we offer SEO Consultancy. Our Consultancy package gets you monthly calls with an SEO expert to give you the knowledge you need to improve your SEO yourself.

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If you’re not looking to commit to a long term package we also offer a one time SEO Audit. This allows us to perform a full audit of your website and fix any glaring issues that may be holding you back in Organic Search Results.

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SEO is about making your website better – and who wouldn’t want that?!

We offer no false promises here at A to B Digital Marketing and we like to make it transparent that SEO is not a quick fix. If you need traffic immediately then Pay Per Click Ads or Social Media Marketing are the routes to go down.

If you want long term benefits in both traffic numbers and conversion rates then SEO is what you need.

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