SEO Management

SEO Management lets us take care of Optimisation so you don’t have to.

For those that want to have their site optimised to appear high on Google but just don’t have the time or expertise – we offer SEO Management allowing us to take full control of your Search Engine Optimisation and Start driving quality traffic to your site.

Keeping up with the latest algorithms and ever changing best practices can be a full time job in itself. It’s almost impossible to dedicate enough time to SEO when you have a business to take care of. Inevitably SEO gets forgotten about as other things take priority.

SEO Management allows A to B to take care of your Search Engine Optimisation for you and lets you focus on the day to day running of your business. We provide monthly updates and reports and are always on the other end of the phone if you want to discuss how things are going.

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Our SEO Management services include:

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the foundation of any SEO strategy. Think of it as an editor reviewing a book before it gets published, looking for spelling mistakes and grammar errors. We will use our site auditing software to review your site for any errors that might be holding it back from ranking. These include things like broken links, missing page titles, lack of image alt text, duplicate content and a whole lot more. Fixing these errors is the first step towards a better organic ranking.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is often the most overlooked aspect of SEO. Knowing what people are searching for, how they’re searching for it and how many people are searching for it allows us to tailor your site to exactly what people want. Keyword Research allows us to find opportunities within your existing traffic as well completely new areas that you may not have considered yet. A good Keyword strategy is the foundation of any successful SEO campaign.


SEO involves giving users the best experience when they come to your site, and a slow site is the easiest way to lose a visitor and potential customer. A page that takes 7 seconds to load makes users more than 3 times more likely to leave immediately compared to a page that takes 2 seconds to load. We use Google Pagespeed Insights as well as some third party tools to optimise your site’s load speed by adding caching, compressing images and optimising code. A quick site makes visitors stick around.

Content Creation

Content creation is absolutely vital in modern day SEO. If you’re not creating fresh content in the form of a blog or a news section on your website then you’re missing out. We have content writers capable of writing detailed and interesting blogs on topics that will not only be great for SEO but also be of use to your visitors. Already creating regular content? Great! We can help teach you how to write SEO friendly content that the search engines will love and that the readers will love too.

Link Building

Link building can be a touchy subject in SEO these days. It used to be the easiest way of ranking your site and as such SEO’s were building links from anywhere and everywhere as they watched their sites fly up the rankings. Then Google realised what was going on and link building became the easiest way to get a manual penalty and watch your site fly right back down those rankings. This got people worried and some stopped building links altogether. Links are still a powerful tool and when done correctly, link building can drastically improve your rankings with no risk of a penalty at all.

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